Нашите партньори- 9sharp

Имаме удоволствието да Ви преставим и следващите ни партньори - 9sharp!

Те ще подкрепят NodeJS курса!

За да има консистентност този път статията, както и видеото, което направихме със Safwan Hak Safwan_Hak

един от създателите на компанията, са на английски. Надяваме се, че форматът ще Ви хареса!

More about company

9Sharp Bulgaria was founded in 2012 by Safwan Hak, highly qualified and experienced software developer and businessman, and his business partner Francesco Romagnollo, an engineer and expert in finance.

The software is still in production phase with expected first release in 2015.

9sharp’s mission is to be the place where employers, employees and students connect, learn, and improve their skills, where regular people help each other become better qualified and then help employers to find those skilled and qualified employees.

About technologies

The company uses javascript and NodeJS for middleware, a graph database built in Java, as well as mongoDB, ElasticSearch and many other servers and services that are now necessary to build an enterprise application. Currently, more than 90% of code is generated and that keeps 9sharp nimble and ready for next challenge.

Here is the video with Safwan Hak:

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